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OMEGASONICS uses the latest technology with ecologically safe, biodegradable cleaning agents to create the most positive cleaning force in today's society and for our future.

About Ultrasound

Ultrasound is created by generators which produce high frequency electricity. This high frequency electricity is then converted to mechanical energy or sound waves through a transducer, which literally makes these waves vibrate. As these vibrating sound waves travel through water, microscopic bubbles form and repeatedly implode upon a given surface.

This powerful action removes visible and even microscopic dirt particles making a mini-blind or any other object cleaner than alternative methods. Not only is this ultrasonic cleaning method completely user-friendly and extremely effective, but it is fast, safe, and gentle.

How Blinds are cleaned Ultrasonically

VenetianVerticalWhen a blind is placed into the cleaning side of our ultrasonic tank the ultrasonic action only takes 1 minute to thoroughly remove the dirt, dust, grease and nicotine from not only the slats of the blinds but it will gently and efficiently clean the ladders and cords making them SPARKLE like new again. The blind is then dipped into the rinse side of the tank and hung to dry. The blinds will be clean and spot free, ready for your customer to pick up or to be re-delivered.

Consumers have paid custom prices for their blinds and now they are looking for a customized service to clean them. Cleaning blinds manually is not only tedious and time consuming; it also causes static electricity that attracts more dust and dirt. The only professional and profitable way to clean them is with Ultrasonics. The total cost of water and chemical to clean blind averages less than ten cents per blind while the average charge to customers for cleaning a venetian blind is $8.50-$10.50 per blind. Pick up, delivery and repair income would be in addition to this profit. You can easily clean 15 to 20 blinds per hour. As you can see, Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning, the latest in cleaning technology, is a fast growing, low over-head profit center with unlimited income potential and business opportunities.


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