Yes it is true, starting a business takes some hard work but your effort is rewarded with increasing income.

Look at the numbers

It is estimated that the average home has between 6-10 blinds (estimated based on experience). A town with seven thousand residents will have approximately 2700 homes (2.6 residents\household - StatsCan 2006).  You could earn over $65,000 annually by reaching just 7.5% of your market.



The above income projection is based only on cleaning small mini-blinds. The above does not include the additional income you would make cleaning larger blinds, silhouette shades, pleated shades and duette shades. Vertical blinds especially have the potential of increasing your bottom line profits due to the fact that there is virtually no other way of safely cleaning vertical vanes.


Don't leave money on the table! Increase your income even more by offering additional services:

  • repairing blinds
  • selling blinds
  • cleaning light diffusers
  • silk plants
  • grease filters

The income potential is only limited by your imagination!



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