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5200PW Pre-Wash Ultrasonic Cleaning System

5200PWThe 5200PW is a pre-wash ultrasonic cleaning system designed to work in conjunction with the 5224UW ultrasonic cleaning tank. It utilizes the same sized tank. The pre-wash unit removes gross contamination from contents, as well as emulsifying soot residue, so the ultrasonic cycle is dramatically shortened. This unit comes equipped with an on-board heating system, a cyclonic style filtration process and a filtered pressure spray tool.


  • Fully insulated stainless steel tank
  • Exterior Silver Hammertone powder coat finish
  • 3600 Watts heat
  • Digital temperature control
  • Low liquid level sensor
  • Dual cartridge filtration with triggered spray
  • Fully portable
  • 1 Phase, 240 VAC, 20 Amp
  • Two (2) year warranty

Tank Dimensions:

  • 52″ Length x 24″ Width x 20″ Depth

Overall Machine:

  • 76″ Length x 27″ Width x 34″ Height


6900TD Tunnel Dryer

OMG-6900TDThe Omega 6900TD tunnel dryer is designed to speed up your contents cleaning processing. Since the unit has entry and exit guillotine doors and a high volume dryer, the concentrated dry air moves baskets with contents through at a rapid pace. The dryer processes a basket of contents in six minutes or less, so your staff isn’t waiting for items to dry before re-packing.


  • Down-draft recirculating hot air dryer
  • 1100 CFM blower
  • Programmable digital temperature control
  • Digital timer controlled process time
  • Guillotine style doors for faster processing
  • Portable – four (4) locking swivel casters
  • Exterior Hammertone powder coated frame
  • 34” Conveyor height
  • Overall dimensions: 57” length x 26” width x 77” height
  • 1 Phase, 240 VAC, 30 Amp
  • Two (2) year guarantee
  • Optional load and unload conveyors availabe


RP3 All-in-One Contents Restoration System

RP3The Omega RP3 (aka “Rolling Thunder”) is the only portable all-in-one ultrasonic contents restoration system on the market today. It features a pre-wash cleaning tank, an ultrasonic wash tank and a rinse-off sink. This unit is perfect for disaster restoration contractors with small contents divisions or limited facility cleaning space.


  • Consistently improve cleaning quality
  • Reduce cash-out
  • Increase recovery rates for revenue growth
  • Dramatically increase process efficiency
  • Eliminate 80% of hand-cleaning
  • Minimize floor space requirements
  • Completely portable for on-site flexibility
  • Process three (3) baskets of contents simultaneously


  • 93L x 29W x 32H

3600XW Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

3600XWThe 3600XW, a 60-gallon portable ultrasonic cleaner, is the centerpiece of the Omega Restoration Pro’s two-basket processing system. When combined with a 3600PW pre-wash and our tunnel dryer, trained operators can process up to 12 boxes of contents per hour. This ultrasonic cleaner has a small footprint, making it easy to take out into the field.


5224UW Ultrasonic Cleaner

Our largest ultrasonic cleaning system for the restoration industry is the 5224UW. This three-basket contents processing unit has a 52″ x 24″ x 20″ tank. When trained staff combine the 5224UW with the 5200PW pre-wash system and the 6900TD tunnel dryer, they can clean and process up to 20 boxes of contents per hour.

Unique Features:

  • 108 Gallons
  • 1 phase/240 VAC/30 Amp
  • 4000 Watts Ultrasonic Power

Tank Dimensions:

  • 52″ length x 24″ width x 20″ depth

Overall Dimensions:

  • 76″ length x 27″ width x 34″ height

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