Electronics Cleaning

Water Conditioner (Model OMG-2180E)

Stand alone, self-contained, portable water conditioning system dsigned for th E Series Electronic Cleaning Stations.  Features a 5 micron pre-filter with pressure guage for proper filter maintenance.  Dual 20" de-ironization cartidge filters are mounted in clear cannisters for easy viewing.  The instantaneous water heater heats water at a 41°F temperature increase at ½ GPM.  Package includes (3) 5 micron filters and (6) de-ionization filters.

  • Electrical:  1 Phase / 120 VAC / 20 Amp 


Omega PCS2700E (Model OMG-2700E)

The Omega PCS2700E is a Portable Cleaning Station featuring an adjustable Air Regulator on the face of the unit for convenient, precise tuning of supply air pressure. Controls also include an illuminated Power ON push button, a FILL push button and a CLEAN-AIR-RINSE selector switch.  The triggered spray gun fits into a magnetic holster for easy storage and a secondary unregulated air gun is ideal for blowing off excessive moisture after cleaning.

  • Overall Machine Size:  6.25" width x 23.5" height  x 27" depth
  •  Electrical:  1 Phase / 120 VAC / 15 Amp 


Omega 2300E (Model OMG-2300E)

You never have to give up on an electronic component again.

Electronics Cleaner 2300EUNIQUE FEATURES

Easy access rotary turntable for parts positioning

Industry 1st - Removable control panel

Rhino lined cleaning chamber bottom resists scratches, mold and rust

37" width x 31½" depth x 38" height

42" width x 34" depth x 81" height

The Omegasonics E Series Electronic Cleaning Stations, including the 2000E and 2300E models, are the electronic restoration industry’s most flexible pressure spray cabinet. They use a finely directed spray of de-ionized water with specialized detergents to successfully restore even electronics previously deemed non-salvageable. It removes contaminants and smoke residue and even INCREASES THE COMPONENTS’ CALIBRATION ACCURACY along the way.

Electronics Dryer


Electronics Work Table

The electronic work table bench provides an anti-static counter-top to properly discharge capacitors prior to cleaning and test electronics after the cleaning and repair process.


Portable Electronic Cleaning Station – PCS2700E

The Omega PCS2700E is part of the 2000E and 2300E Electronic Spray Cabinet Systems but can also be purchased as a separate item for added flexibility when electronic restoration requires a full time unit for on-site and large equipment shower areas.


De-Ionization Station

For content professionals who want to take the electronic cleaning package on-site or do not have de-ionized water in their facility, the Omega 2180 De-I station is portable and can be conveniently moved within the main facility or to off site locations.


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