Industrial Washer Soaps

Blind Cleaning Soaps
OmegaClean - 5 gal.

Our most versatile cleaning agent-removes oil, grease, carbon, and contaminants from a variety of metals. Contains buffers to protect aluminum finishes and silicates to guard against flash rusting. Will not harm or discolor aluminum.

Soap 10
OmegaSmoke - 5 gal.

A broad use solution designed to remove smoke and soot from contents damaged in a fire. When diluted properly, this cleaner is safe to use on glass, rubber, plastic, materials and all surfaces that can be cleaned in water.

Soap 13
OmegaClean - 1 gal.

Our most versatile cleaning agent-removes oil, grease, carbon, and contaminants from a variety of metals. Contains buffers to protect aluminum finishes and silicates to guard against flash rusting. Will not harm or discolor aluminum.

Soap 10-1
Omega Deodorizer - 5 gal.

A highly dilutable odor counteractant that eliminates odors resulting from fires and water damage.

Soap 16
Omega Aqua Clean LPH - 5 gal.

A reduced pH solution designed to clean electronic and electrical components in an ultrasonic tank. Also effective at removing solder flux residue. The solution is safe on all surfaces that can be cleaned in water and any surfaces that may be damaged in a high pH solution.

Soap 14
OmegaResin - 5 gal.

An incredibly powerful cleaner designed to remove polyvinyl chloride, plastic, urethane, polyethylene and epoxy extrusion residue from molds, dies and other surfaces. Does not dilute in water.

Soap 29
Citrus Degreaser - 1 gal.

A broad use citrus based degreaser used for commercial grade applications including removal of oily residues and dirt from general content surfaces including mini-blinds and general household items. Leaves a mild citrus odor to assist as an odor counteractant.

Soap 6
OmegaPro - 5 gal.

A general purpose degreaser used to remove dirt, oils and cutting fluids from a wide variety of metal surfaces. Does not include rust inhibitors and is therefore not recommended for ferrous metals.

Soap 4
OmegaSoft - 1 gal.  

Superior and powerful multi-component organic water softener. Formulated with alkaline softeners, polymeric softeners, corrosion inhibitors and rinse aids for superior water softening and totally free rinsing. Rapidly dissolves hard water deposits and inhibits the crystallization of hard water salts. Not to be used in acidic solutions.

Soap 5 
OmegaBrite - 5 gal.

Our most powerful degreaser. Excellent for cleaning and brightening ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Also effective for removing carbon in a variety of automotive applications. Not recommended for copper, brass or aluminum.

Soap 11
CitriSurf 2210 - 5 gal.

Formulated to passivate large stainless steel surfaces that can not be immersed into a heated ultrasonic bath. Formulated with a gel agent allowing product to be brushed or painted on vertical surfaces without dripping.

Soap 7
CitriSurf 2250 - 5 gal.

Specifically formulated to passivate (remove free iron molecules) all grades of stainless steel & titanium surfaces without the use of nitric acid. Also removes calcium carbonate from brass, steel and nickel.

Soap 9
CitriSurf 4002 - 25 lbs.

A quality blend of chemicals designed as a pretreatment for stainless steel products prior to passivation.

Soap 8
OmegaWash - 25 lbs.

Powdered soap concentrate for cleaning non-oily residue dirt from metal, plastic and fabric surfaces including mini-blinds and all hard window coverings.

Soap 1
Omega Mold Release - 5 gal.

A high pH concentrated cleaning agent used successfully to remove burnt-on crystalline rubber, plastic and food from molds, dies and other metal surfaces.

Soap 27
OmegaChem - 5 gal.

A unique cleaning agent specifically formulated to remove petroleum based paint and paint residue from a variety of surfaces including spray gun nozzles.

Soap 28
OmegaRinse - 1 gal.

An ionic rinsing concentrate that promotes the sheeting of moisture from metal surfaces. Aids in reducing spotting on metal surfaces such as metal mini-blinds.

Soap 2
OmegaBlue - 5 gal.

Designed to removes ink and ink residue from metal and rubber components including Anilox rollers.

Soap 20
Omega Rust Protectant - 5gal.

A highly effective, microfilm rust inhibitor formulated to protect aluminum, brass, copper and carbon steel from developing brown and surface rust. This multi-purpose inhibitor leaves surfaces prepared for painting, plating or coating without rinsing.

Soap 22
Omega Copper Protectant - 5 gal.

Highly concentrated additive designed to protect copper, brass and copper alloys from tarnishing aluminum finishes when used with high pH detergents. Dilutes at a 0.1% ratio.

Soap 24
OmegaFinish - 5 gal.

High PH product formulated to remove heavy wax residue from surfaces as well as heavy carbon from stainless steel. Not recommended for aluminum.

Soap 19
Non-Silicated Hot Tank Detergent - 5 gal.

A safe to use ultrasonic immersion tank detergent for ferrous metals where silicates or nitrites can not be tolerated. Free rinsing formula excellent for cleaning precision parts leaving no residue.

Soap 25

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