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Blind Cleaning

We Clean Dirty Blinds

Our ULTRASONIC BLIND CLEANING system thoroughly removes the dirt, dust, grease and nicotine from not only the slats of the blinds but it will gently and efficiently clean the ladders and cords making them SPARKLE like new again.

We can restore the luster to your verticals blinds too!

We clean all types...

  • Venetian Blinds
  • Silhouette Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Duette Shades
  • Luminette Sheers
  • Vignette
  • All types of vertical blinds

Venetian Vertical
Venetian Blinds (per blind, up to 5 ft. wide) $10.50
Venetian Blinds (per blind, 5ft. to 7ft wide)(add $4/ft over 7ft)  $12.50
Roller, Duette, Honeycomb, Pleated Shade (per blind up to 5ft wide)   $14.00
Roller, Duette, Honeycomb, Pleated Shade (per blind 5-7ft)(add $4/ft over 7ft)   $16.00
Silhouette, Vignette, Roman Shades & Faux Wood Blinds (per blind, up to 5ft. wide)   $20.00
Silhouette, Vignette, Roman Shades & Faux Wood Blinds (per blind, 5-7ft wide)(add $4/ft. over 7ft.)  $22.00
Vertical Blinds (per vane, patio door length)  $1.85
Vertical Blinds (per vane, window length) $1.45
Luminette (per vane) $3.65
Wood Blinds (call for pricing)   
Pick up & Delivery, Take Down & Re-Hang avaliable at an extra charge  

Other Services Include...

We SELL Custom Made Blinds - We REPAIR Blinds - Take down & Re-Hang Available - Free Estimates - Pick Up & Delivery Available - Residential - Commercial




Perhaps you are just tired of your old blinds!

We sell Elite Blinds>>